Quartz IR Heaters & Moudules


  1. Ideal for drying adhesives, ink, paint & epoxy bonding/curing.
  2. Laminating.
  3. Shrink Packaging.
  4. Thermoforming Plastics.
  5. Other process requiring fast penetration of heat into metals, wood, synthetic fabrics & plastics.


Quartz emitters provide medium wavelength radiation and can be the most preferred source of heat when rapid heater response is needed. The modules are comprised of a series of quartz tubes running parallel to each other within a highly reflective steel housing. Each tube contains a coiled resistance wire available in a variety of wattages and voltages. The large variety of sizes, shapes, and watt densities allows quartz emitters to be highly useful in zoning arrangements such as plastic thermoforming sheet-fed applications where complex heating patterns are needed, high-speed roll-fed processes, and machines requiring precise zone control because they are small in size, and can easily be put in larger panels.


  1. Standard Industry Sizes & Rating up to 40W /sq. Inch.
  2. For fast heating & better reflection it is also available in Quartz Clear tubes / gold coated tubes etc.
  3. Highly reflective rugged Steel housing construction.
  4. Standard winding pattern gives uniform heating over entire face of heater.
  5. Optional built-in type K or J T/C available.
  6. Ideal for systems requiring small area zooming & close control of process.
  7. Best when used at radiation distances of 4-10” from work.
  8. Suitable for horizontal or vertical operation with tubes in horizontal plane.
  9. Can be design in different Voltages.
  10. More responsive heat-up & cool-down.

Mounting Clips


  1. White Cotton gloves should be worn when handling Quartz Elements. Never touch elements with bare hands.
  2. Oils & contaminants from the skin could be deposited upon the Quartz Sheath & would cause hot spots & possibly pre mature failures.
  3. As a safety necessity use approved conductors and connectors as per the National Wiring Laws so that the wires and connectors used for connections do not get heated up.
  4. For isolation and protection against short circuits of Heaters appropriate approved Double pole breakers to be used as per the total current of the group of heaters used.
  5. Any Metal part of the heaters shall always be earthed. To avoid short-circuits, the leads must not come into contact with sharp edges and/or objects.
  6. Always use appropriate controller for the better life of heater.
  7. The symbols for warnings and Cautions for the High Voltage and the High Temperature shall be placed near the part of end use.
  8. Any forced cooling, circulating requirement of the process shall also be taken care of, May be a wiring diagram with such requirements with heaters shall be placed near the target area.
  9. During changing / checking of heaters ensure that the incoming Mains Voltage are disconnected.


Overall Size: 62mm x 62mm
Radiaton: 62mm x 40mm
Wattages: 75-150-200 W
Overall Size: 125mm x 62mm
Radiaton: 103mm x 62mm
Wattages: 150-200-325-500 W
Overall Size: 125mm x 125mm
Radiaton: 125mm x 103mm
Wattages: 300-400-500-750 W
Overall Size: 248mm x 62mm
Radiaton: 226mm x 62mm
Wattages: 300-400-500-750-1000 W
Overall Size: 248mm x 117mm
Radiaton: 226mm x 117mm
Wattages: 750-1000-1250 W


in all sizes (Type J or K)

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