Finned AIR Heaters

Strip Finns

Strip finned heaters consist of refractory insulated heating element, covered with zinc plated ms or ss sheet with fixing holes. Finned heaters are for more coverage of suface area. They are used where high velocity of air to be heated


These heaters are generally used where high temperature required in smaller space, as the same is having much watt density than strip heaters. This heater is also applied in air ducts, comfort heaters, load resistors, recirculating ovens etc

Wire would coil is inserted into metallic tube (M.S., S.S., Incolloy etc.) compactly insulated by magnesium oxidised fused powder. The terminals are brazed ruggedly. Rust resistant steel finns are mounted on the tube alongwith the holding clamps. Stainless steel or incolloy sheathed spirally would coil embedded in centre with Mgo. With M4 SS terminal studs. Finns are available either in zinc plated M.S. or S.S. Fully annealed heater is also available for bending / shaping as per requirement. It can be installed either with M.S. brackets, nipple assembly or ferrul type compression fit assembly, suitable to fit in existing duct as per requirement.

Tubular Finns


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