Mica Insulated Nozzle & Band Heaters


Low cost electric heating of plastic processing, rubber vulcanizing, Drums, Barrels & cylinders etc.


Mica insulated Heaters consist of electric resistant ribbon / round wire element covered with zinc plated MS, Brass or SS sheet with clamps. Size & terminal connections as per requirement.


For contact accessories, cable fittings, clamping devices, fixed & braided connection, heat resistant, flexible insulation with metal braided cable housing of any convenient length, connection boxes & types according to the band heatersdimensions, power & type of power supply.


  • Max. Watt density: Any convenient Wattages up to 25 W/Sq. inch.
  • Max. Surface Temp. 300 Deg. C.
  • Supply (Volt) – Any convenient Voltage under the pre condition that it should be technically feasible

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