Micro Tubular Coil Heaters


Heaters are used in various applications, due to their being intrinsically reliable and highly versatile. They were first designed for a very specific application, the differential heating of plastic injection nozzles, and later become invaluable in the most diverse and demanding applications. Aerospace, railway, chemical, metalworking and food industry, glass and paper indus-try, automotive, packing, medical industry... all have taken advantage from the use of heaters, with their wide range of possible shapes and their fitness to an unlimited number of applications.


Microtubular coiled heaters are manufactured to a revolutionary design, which makes them the best choice in the most demanding conditions. The resistive wire is uniformly distributed in a compacted MgO insulation, with a CrNi-steel outer protection sheath. The heaters are annealed after manufacturing, thus acquiring a high malleability that allows their being subsequently bent into any complex shape, with extremely narrow bending radius.


  1. A very wide contact surface results in exceptionally high levels of thermal conductivity towards the body that needs to be heated.
  2. Optimal insulation results in very long life duration
  3. Heavy-duty construction results in very high resistance to mechanical shocks
  4. Operation temperature up to 700°C (1300°F)
  5. Very low mass results in extremely low thermic inertia
  6. Optional built-in thermocouple for high-resolution temperature measuring (J-type standard; K-type on request)
  7. Unlimited range of possible shapes obtained from the straight heater
  8. Heaters can be incorporated into brass or aluminium castings
  9. Available in cross section 2.4mm x 4.2mm & 3.3mm x 3.3mm.


(mm) +3%
Heated Length
(mm) +5%
Power (W) with
230V +10%
Power Density (W/cm)
with 230V
300 205 175 5.4
350 255 210 5.4
400 305 250 5.4
450 355 280 5.4
500 405 315 5.4
550 455 350 5.4
600 505 385 5.4
700 555 450 5.4
800 655 525 5.4
900 855 600 5.4
1000 955 600 5.4
1200 1155 800 5.4

Also available in square section 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm


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